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The Essequibo River

Here we are cruising down the Essequibo River in Guyana.  The Essequibo is an extremely large river as you will see in this picture.  Several major rivers in Guyana combine into this river and meets the ocean at Georgetown.  We can see here the back of Jodi's head, the back of Nylsa's head, David looking off to the left with our buddy Nigel sitting next to him, and I think that is Jake way up in the front of the boat.


This is the other half of our team racing along the river beside us.


We stopped at this beach to have lunch and swim a little bit.  Right behind the beach was a small, one room school house.  We can see in this picture several of the kids coming out to greet us.


Here we can see a bit of a rainbow in the middle as the storm on the right begins to blow over.  We were in Guyana during one of the rainy seasons, and it did rain.  While on this river tour we had to wait out a couple of heavy storms.


This is a large ferry boat that runs up and down the river.  Before running across this ferry we noticed several people in small boats just off the shore.  We were told that they were waiting on this ferry to take their farmed goods to market. 


A closer shot of the ferry.


This one's tough to make out, but it is what is left of an old army fort on an island in the middle of the Essequibo River.



This was actually somebody's house!


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