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Group Photo

Alan, Nylsa, and David gathered in front of the work site.

Meredith after a hard day's work painting the ceiling. Nylsa patiently waiting for breakfast.
Phil and Kelly watch as Todd drinks the water from a coconut he bought from a street vendor. Kelly, Carol, Bob, and Brett on one of our many van rides. This was one of the popular late evening activities for those of us who had trouble sleeping.  Here we have Christy, Meredith, Nylsa, Kelly, and Phil sitting around the table playing cards. Here we are waiting for the plane to leave Guyana.  Missy is laying down.  Meredith and Alan are upright, but just barely.  It was a long week with very little sleep!
Sorry that this is a little dark, but this is Bob, Carol, and Kelly fast asleep on the plane right to Barbados. Meredith and Nylsa asleep on the plane.
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