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New Friends

Nylsa and David talk with Kurt at the work site. Here's Kurt inside the school room at the Trinity compound. Our buddy Floyd poses for a shot with Nylsa.

Phil, Bill Upchurch, Todd (put your shirt back on!), and Omar.

TEXAS-DINNER-1.JPG (42077 bytes)
This young boy was feeling about as tired as we were at the Friday night revival. Kelly and Jake kneel down to talk to a little girl who has come to the Trinity compound to get some lunch, likely her only meal of the day. Here's a young boy who was helping clean up and get ready to serve lunch to the local children. Jake and Brett eating their "Texas Dinner" with a couple of the local young adults after the revival on Friday evening.
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Here is David and Christy at the going away party they threw for us. Another shot of our going away party as we serve the people of the church a good Texas meal. Here, Kurt and some of the other young adults are entertaining our group.







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