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Work Photos 1-10

Meredith working intently to get the ceiling trim cut to the proper length.


Alan kneeling on the scaffolding as he screws the particle board ceiling panel in place.


Here's a rare shot of me working as I help Alan but the ceiling panel in place.


Bob, getting some direction from Omar, the man in charge of the whole project.


Brett and our buddy Nigel hammering up some window trim.


Christy and Meredith in the front and Nylsa in the back.  Supposedly they were painting the ceiling, but we aren't sure if they got more paint on the ceiling or themselves.


Alan, with his funny hat, holding the particle board as someone shaves it down for a perfect fit.


Here's Dave as he is about to pound away on something Alan is holding.  Let's hope is aim is good.  Then again, maybe he could knock some sense into Alan and he'll get rid of that silly hat.


Jodi helps with the ceiling tile as Carol bends over to fix something.


Jodi and Missy on their knees to paint the trim around the top of the wall.  They realized pretty quickly that the other painters had the right idea to use a lower scaffolding and stand up-right as they paint.


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