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18 June 2000

   Our flight was supposed to leave at 6 AM.  However our (Continental) flight was canceled.  We were all there waiting at 4:30 AM when we found out our replacement flight was a "GO" we only 15 minutes before scheduled departure.  This was our first adventure.  The airline wheels out a cart for our checked luggage and we gather all of our carry-ons and run out of the terminal over to the next terminal to check in with Delta.  At the terminal, our checked luggage cart would not fit into the elevator.  We were scrambling!  People half way up the escalator (myself included) started running back down the stairs to pick up our luggage...but someone had the idea for the luggage to walk themselves up the escalator! What a great idea!  The plane was delayed for us and we made it.   
The Lord said to Abram, "Leave your country, your people and your father's household and go into the land I will show you..."

Genesis 12:1

Yeah!  We're on our way!

In Miami, we're checking in to get seating and to verify our passport and yellow fever papers.  There's a snag in our plans.  1) They (BWIA) are trying to give our seats away.  But Kelly is fierce.  "It's all of us or none of us!" she says.  BWIA stopped giving out the stand-bys and let our team proceed.  Go Girl!  2) Missy realizes she has packed the wrong yellow fever papers.  She brought the brown receipt, and found out in Miami it should have been the yellow certificate with the seal.

The end of a matter is better than its beginning, and patience is better than pride.

Ecclesiastes 7:8

She and Brett (her safety buddy) are staying behind to catch the next plane once BWIA has received verification from the Guyanese government that she will be allowed into the country.  Thank you God for our safety partners! 

Missy is really upset and understandably...It's very upsetting to be separated from the group.  
But one quirky note:  The hotdog cafe next to Gate F10 serves the best hot dogs!  Everyone agrees.  There is one question though:...Are the hot dogs really that good or were we all that hungry?

Dear Lord,

     We pray that Missy & Brett make their way safely to Guyana.


bulletEverywhere He reigns, and there He rules;
bulletthere is His city; there is His high throne.
bulletOh, happy the one He makes His citizen!

CANTO I:124-126
We arrived at Guyana safely.  One thing to remember is TO NOT TAKE PICTURES IN CUSTOMS.  We did, but it is not allowed.  Bill, Kurt, and Waveney met us at the airport and walked us through customs.  Nothing too exciting.  We met our drivers Christopher & Joel.  
One thing that was different then I'm used to...for departure we exited the back of the plane.

We walked off the back and into/across the landing strip into the customs area.

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