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22 June 2000

  This morning we went to the gardens and then to the zoo.  (see photos taken)  The Gardens are beautiful and the sky was magnificent.  Blue in the forefront and a storm on the horizon.  Palm trees standing tall in majesty and flowers blooming full to show us their soul.  We visited with the Manatees who came up out of the water and ate grass from our hand.  Such big creatures and all they eat is vegetation.  We went into the zoo and saw many birds and monkeys (again see photos)  but the saddest part of my trip so far was the lion trapped in a small cage, moaning and roaring.  Pacing back and forth trying to find the door out to her habitat.  
That if you confess with your mouth, "JESUS is LORD," and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.  For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you confess and are saved.

Romans 10:9-10 

Maybe there was a reason for this.  Perhaps cleaning her area or medicating or working with another animal.  My heart breaks and I cannot imagine my life without the freedoms I have and the luxuries I use every day.
Right now we are in a small plane (10 seater) over the rain forest of Guyana.  We are heading to the Kaieteur Falls.  I'm very excited and am enjoying the scenery. [The river's below with spots of civilization nestled among the surrounding trees.

While at the airport (waiting for the falls) Bob, Alan, & Jodi started telling armed forces stories.  Bob told a moving story about his stick buddy from flight school killed in Desert Storm.  The story and emotion present reminds me how precious time is with our friends and loved ones.  We can't predict or stop another's death or disappearance from our life but we can do our part to enjoy and share joyful moments with each other.
In the plane to and from the falls my thoughts centered around how lucky I am!  How wonderful is God's creations!!  I look out into the clear blue skies!  I have never seen God's creations so close and beautiful!  We are truly blessed!!!!

The falls are fabulous (see photos) The trip was really hard for me physically but really well worth it.  

Everyone's experience gave them something different.  For me, this trip (to the falls) gave me a sense of Love and compassion.
On our way back from the falls the other plane's silhouette was embraced by a circular rainbow.

This is symbolic to how our trip has been.  The plane is a symbol of our group as a whole and the rainbow is God's love and his arms circling us in an embrace filled with his love, beauty and bounty to give to us.

On our return, the entire team gathered and fellowshipped.  Late in the evening we  pulled together for a meeting/devotional.  The rest of the evening our hostel was filled with love.  We listened and shared.  Shared and gave.  Loved and listened.  

Todd gave his testimony.  He talked of Kaieteur falls, of his experience overlooking the falls.  He explained how at that very moment he realized how God fit into his life and he knew at that moment his life belonged to Jesus. God is smiling, he has found one of his lost sheep.
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