Kaieteur Falls

Kaieteur Falls.  The world's largest single drop water falls measuring 741 feet.  For comparison, Kaieteur is about five times taller than Niagara falls.  The above picture is from the farthest lookout point that we stopped at on the hike through the jungle.  These falls were awe-inspiring to say the least.  I only wish these pictures could convey a fraction of the experience of actually being there.


If you've been to San Antonio, you may recognize this tower.  It is the Tower of the Americas that is downtown.  This makes for a good comparison when I put it next to the picture of the falls.  The tower is 750 feet to the top of the antennae.  That makes it only 9 feet taller than these falls.


A close-up view of the falls from the side, including the rainbow that was with us the whole time.


This is a view of the canyon and river just after the waterfall.  Quite an impressive site in its own right, but paled in comparison to the falls.


Another side view.


Our buddy, Kurt reflecting on the beauty of the site.  Do you see how close he is?!  Notice there are no rails or any sign of civilization in any of these pictures, besides the people themselves.  The only thing around were a few small signs that said "Please keep 8 feet away from the edge of the cliff."  I guess we don't follow rules to well!


A shot to prove that I was there.  Don't I look tall?


Todd and Brett posing for a shot in front of the falls.



This little guy is a Guyanese Cock-of-the-Rock.  We were, apparently, very lucky to get to see this beautiful, bright orange bird.  It is a very rare bird that only lives in the northern part of South America and does not survive well in captivity.  We were told that if we caught this bird, we could get $25,000...and possibly 50 years in prison.  We decided to stick with pictures.



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