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Church Buildings

TRINITY_TENT.jpg (59697 bytes)
This is the Trinity church building which was on the compound where we were working. Another shot of the Trinity church with the tent structure in the foreground. This is on the Trinity compound.  The building to the left is the District President's home as well as church offices.  The building on the right is used for a variety of things.   This is a better shot of their multi-use building.  We were painting the ceiling on the first floor.  The left half of the building was being used this week for some kind of classes as well as to feed the local children at lunch.
Here's a shot of the revival tent we were fixing up and getting ready to move out. Another view of the revival tent. And another of the revival tent. Revival tent again. (I must have liked this tent)
A distant shot of the Trinity church. This is the front door of the Trinity church, which I thought was nicely done. This was taken inside the church.  A very nice sanctuary, but this is not where the revival was held. Another shot from inside the Trinity church building.
This shot was taken from the church building towards the President's house and the rest of the compound. This building was going to be their communications building.  This is where we were working to put up ceiling tiles. Taken from the multi-use building as we were hiding from the rain.  The church building is in the background. Here's the van that drove us around all week waiting to take us back to the YWCA.
Here we are at the revival on Friday night. This is actually the YWCA, where the group stayed at night. This is a picture of the not-too-nice neighborhood around the Trinity Compound, where we were working. Here's another shot of the neighborhood.


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