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This is a shot of the city from on top of one of the taller buildings in Georgetown.  The large thatched roof you see in the front is the Umana Yana.  A lighthouse and the Essequibo river can be seen in the background off to the right.


This is the point where the Essequibo river meets the Atlantic Ocean.  That is the river to the left and the ocean to the right.


This was taken from the other side of the building, looking out over Georgetown and the Atlantic Ocean.  Notice that the parking lot looks more like a lake right now?  Georgetown is about an average of 5 feet below see level.  They have built a long sea wall all along the coast to hold back the ocean.  


We were told that this is a "Guyana 4X4"
(Not the building, look at what is tied to the tree.)


This is a picture of the gardens just outside the Georgetown Zoo.


Another shot from the gardens.


A pretty pond in the gardens.


One of the neatest things about these gardens was this pond which housed several large Manatees.  You can't see much of these animals in these pictures, but you can follow the following link to see what they really look like.  manatee.gif


One of our group members trying to pet the Manatee.


This is a church in downtown Georgetown.  We are told that it's claim to fame is that it is the world's tallest all wooden building.

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