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Kaieteur Falls - Page 2

This is Georgetown as seen from a ways off in the airplane on the way to Kaieteur Falls.


Kind of tough to see, but that is a river with hundreds of little islands down there beneath those clouds.


Here's a nice shot of the falls from the airplane.  It just doesn't get any better than that, does it?  What an incredible site!


Here's the group just after we got off the plane.  We landed on a small runway with nothing but jungle all around it.  It was about a 1 mile hike through the jungle to get to the falls lookout points.


A view of the falls from the farthest lookout point.


A good shot of the rainbow in the mist here.


Another shot of the falls.  I know this is getting repetitive, but it was such an incredible site that I could not stop taking pictures.


A little closer view.


I love this picture!  Do you see where they are sitting?!  I think that is Jodi off to the far right playing in the water.  What are the chances we would have been allowed to get this close if this were in the United States?!


The misty gorge after the falls.


Another shot of the gorge.  

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