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Umana Yana


  The structure called the Umana Yana is located in Kingston, Georgetown. It was built close to  the Pegasus Hotel, Georgetown's largest hotel, in 1972. It is a 55-foot high cone-shaped benab (or shelter) constructed by Amerindians of the Wai Wai tribe from thatched allibanna and manicole palm leaves, and wallaba posts lashed together with mukru, turu and nabbi vines. No nails were used.  It was specially constructed to serve as a V.I.P. lounge and recreation spot during the Non-Aligned Foreign Ministers Conference held in Georgetown in August 1972.  The Umana Yana shelters an area of approximately 460 square meters. Umana Yana is an Amerindian expression for "meeting place of the people."


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